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Advantages of Open Source Software

In the previous post, we explained a little bit about Open Source Software. Other people might ask why Open Source is better than Closed Source. Here we list the advantages of Open Source Software. Usually, the first perceived advantage of open source models is the fact that open source software is made available gratis or at a low cost. 

But this characteristic is not exclusive to open source software, and several proprietary software products are made available in similar ways (a prominent case could be Microsoft's Internet Explorer). All of them combined produce a synergistic impact which is the cause of the real advantages of the open source model. Let us provide some more detail on how do these characteristics turn into advantages: 

  • The availability of the source code and the right to modify it is very important. It enables the unlimited tuning and improvement of a software product. It also makes it possible to port the code to new hardware, to adapt it to changing conditions, and to reach a detailed understanding of how the system works.
  • The right to redistribute modifications and improvements to the code, and to reuse other open source code, permits all the advantages due to the modifiability of the software to be shared by large communities. This is usually the point that differentiates open source software licenses from ``nearly free'' ones. In substance, the fact that redistribution rights cannot be revoked, and that they are universal, is what attracts a substantial crowd of developers to work around open source software projects.
  • The right to use the software in any way. This, combined with redistribution rights, ensures (if the software is useful enough), a large population of users, which helps in turn to build up a market for support and customization of the software, which can only attract more and more developers to work in the project. This in turn helps to improve the quality of the product, and to improve its functionality. Which, once more, will cause more and more users to give the product a try, and probably to use it regularly. 
  • Simple license management .When you use open source software, you would no longer need to worry about licenses. Open source software enables you to install it several times and also use it from any location. You will be free from monitoring, tracking or counting license compliance.
  • Scaling and consolidating.  Linux and open source software can be easily scaled. With varied options for clustering, load balancing and open source applications, such as email and database, you can enable your organization to either scale up and achieve higher growth or consolidate and achieve more with less.
Outsource open source software development to O2I and benefit from high-quality services at a cost-effective price. Open source software can have a major impact on your entire organization. There are several advantages of using open source software.


bila jari jemari dikeyboard said...

apa perbezaan diantra open source dengan window??

4L gurlz said...

@ the different is Open Source: Open Source Free software is simply software that respects our freedom..means that our freedom to learn and understand the software we are using.

For windows: Windows requires a license to our system and it is not open source like Linux.

wan said...

apa pulak keburukan dia open source software??

4L gurlz said...

wan bagi pandangan saya,kelemahan ---> tak ramai yang berminat dalam membangunkan perisian open-source ...atas sebab sebab hakcipta dan penjualan perisian tersebut ...lagipun ..hanya orang yang dah biasa terlibat dengan kod sumber dan pembangunan perisian berupa open-source.penuntut plak dialu-alukan untuk membabitkan diri dalam projek open-source sebab projek seperti inilah leh meningkatkan dayacipta perisian..

4L gurlz said...


Based on the this article, we get to learned the advantages of open source operating system. In addition, we get to knew how important to get the source code and the right to modify. We also get to understand the reason of develop are very attracted to the open source software