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BLOG and FORUM about Open Source

- This website provides a number of things about open source. Among the items found on the website as an introduction This is the portal of the University. In it there are things or bulletin about open source. In addition, there are also some software, video collection and a collection of the lecturers of open source to be a reference point all of us.
    - Planet Malaysia Open Source Communities blog is a compilation of RSS feeds from all website and blog releated to Open Source In Malaysia. Among the all website such as LinuxMalaysiaBlog, LinuxWave, Planet Malaysia Open Source Comunities and the other website.

      - This website is a List of Open Source softwares and solutions. A compilation list of free and open source softwares or applications for windows and Linux. Open Source Softwares are free to download and installed.

        -This website is a  share ideas on expanding Malaysia to use Open Source Software (OSS) and create an innovative society. It an interest is in, LibreOffice, Linux, Moodle, Android, GIMP, Joomla and the list goes on.

        Besides that, you all can visit this blog for information about Linux in more detail: 

            - This forum was developed is to serve as reference for the students in a learning related to Open Source. The Forum also called articles. Among the forum or articles available in this website is the Install Gnome desktop and Gnome Display Manager on OpenBSD 4.8, Linux boot process and the other articles.
              - There are many free open source forum system (bulletin board, message board) written in PHP, ASP.NET and Perl. Below is a list of my favor free open source forum collections. I only listed out those forum which has detail documentation, good community support.

              The indented, italicized sections below appear as annotations to the Open Source Definition (OSD) and are not a part of the OSD. A plain version of the OSD without annotations can be found here.


                  Fadhli said...

                  Thank for giving information about list blog and forum..hope visitor can access and know about open source..well done..

                  Fiqa said...

                  wow....the information about list blog and forum can help the visitor or the students can know about the OSS.tQ 4Lgurlz...

                  azlynn said...

                  information is great..especially for student..list and forum can helping student about oss..

                  azlynn said...

                  information is great..especially for student..list and forum can helping student about oss..

                  4L gurlz said...


                  By the end of this article, we get to know a lot of blog and forum that give information about open source. Moreover, this article also provides a description about the website we give. Beside that, this article give information about the source of all article that already post.