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Promote Open Source Software ( OSS )

The most basic definition of open source software is software for which the source code is distributed along with the executable program, and which includes a license allowing anyone to modify and redistribute the software. Source code is the actual instructions which programmers write to create a piece of software, the "recipe" for the program. 

Once a program has been "compiled" into a form which can be installed and run on a computer, its source code is irretrievable. It is practically impossible to make changes to a program without having a copy of its source code. If a program's license includes the right to modify the program, this right is meaningless unless the source code is readily available.

Actual licenses for OSS vary between different companies and development projects, but they have certain characteristics in common. The Open Source Initiative, a group of developers who disseminate information on the benefits of open source, has posted on its web site a "meta-definition" of basic conditions which they feel should be included in an OSS license.

Previously, we did wrote about advantages of open source software. As you can see, there a lot of advantages in open source software. So, why there still so many people refuse to use open source software and how we can promote and develop interest for them?? Firstly, we have to spread or advertise the advantages of open source software through some resources like :
  •    Blog
  •    Social network
  •    Newspaper
  •    Popular forum
Secondly, we can try to invite these people to join or just check open source community or forum. So that they know and can wash away the assumption that using open source software is hard and complicated. Usually in forum, they can get a bit of introduction about open source software.

Thirdly, for those who already show a bit of interest, we need to suggest a few of open source operating system and open source software that use GUI (Graphic User Interface). It’s a perfect strategy to support the beginner. We also can invite them to join the open source community or forum. At there, they can get advise and get a lot of information about open source software.

Fourthly, we can try to burn the assumption that open source software only for poor people by lists a few of big company that use open source software. We also can use personality influence by list a few of famous heir, artist or actor who use open source software.

Lastly, we hope all the suggestion give a big help to promote open source software. By using open source software, user can have financial saving, feel rapid development, avoid lock-in to one supplier and others. It’s important for them to know these advantages to get them interest in open source software and use it.

Finally, as discussed above, open source and open standards go hand in hand. 
  •  Simple, open communications protocols and standards of compatibility facilitate OSS development, as they form a fundamental building block of any OSS project.
  • OSS projects have been able to gain a foothold in many server applications because of the wide utility of highly commoditized, simple protocols, writes Microsoft's Valloppillil.
  • Significantly, the strategy proposed in that document for competing against OSS is extending these protocols and developing new protocols, which imply replacing open standards with proprietary ones. 
  • It is precisely this sort of predatory practice which the government should oppose, both on antitrust grounds and specifically to prevent Microsoft from using its control of protocols to interfere with OSS development.
  • The government should more vigorously lend its support to the open standards developed by industry, such as the Internet Engineering Task Force's standard set.
Beside descried  about promote open source above, the most important open source software used by Government has the ability to promote the widespread use and continued development of open source software through its purchasing policies. Not only would many government agencies benefit from the added reliability and security which OSS products provide, but the increased demand for these products would encourage more corporations and independent programmers to embrace OSS methods.  Open source software has natural strengths which benefit individual users. Above and beyond this, the widespread use of open source software holds advantages for the economy as a whole, and it is for this reason that a careful program of government promotion and encouragement would be justified and beneficial.


Fadhli said...

to be given priority for using this software in my opinion is that there are public or private institutions in Malaysia .. for using this software can save the cost of spending. for example, every public or private institutions using Linux and open office in each Institute

azlynn said...

from your perspective, do you think that this is the way to promote open source to public. do you think it really helpful?????

4L gurlz said...


By the end of this article, we learned a few things about the reason open source less popular than closed source. We also discuss how to promote open source to others. in addition, we learned that most people didn’t know the advantages of open and have a prejudice taught about open source which we have to throw out.